Turning a Good Idea into a Great Idea

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An “Idea” . . .
What a magnificent phenomenon!
It makes us realize how incredible the human mind truly is. 
Think about it . . .
You see events, trends, activities that affect your life every day: sometimes in a good way; sometimes in a not so good way. And then one day you have an idea of something you can do or make that could make your life better, and maybe the lives of many, many people.  Your mind integrated all that input and through its magic consolidated all that information, established a problem or opportunity out of that info, and then conceived something new, something that did not exist before you thought of it to solve that problem or take advantage of that opportunity your mind just saw. 
It – you - created . . .
                                        Yes, you got it . . .
                                                                            A novel “idea”. 
This process happens all the time to almost everyone.  What separate the entrepreneur from everyone else are three really important differences: the recognition of the novelty of that idea; the intent to do something amazing with that new idea; and, the ability to make that amazing something actually happen!
Welcome to the world of transforming a good idea into a great idea!
But what makes that good idea a great idea?

Generally, we could all agree an idea that results something that improves the lives of people would be a very good idea IF it can actually become the product or service that will improve lives.  Or, maybe it’s just a better way of doing the same things with the products or services that already exist.  Regardless, the notion of very good is itself an interesting concept: very good to whom?  

- Doug Lane

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